Why Gutter Shutter®?

The Gutter Shutter® system features a fully-enclosed, seamless gutter design that prevents both leaking and clogging. Made with thick, premium-grade aluminum, our gutters will never sag, warp, or pull away from your home. Our gutter installation professionals are certified and insured, and our work is backed by a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. But that’s not all the Gutter Shutter® has to offer. Keep reading to learn about all of the amazing benefits of gutters from Gutter Shutter®.
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The Benefits of Gutters from Gutter Shutter®

When you purchase gutters from Gutter Shutter® of Grand Rapids, you’re making the choice to protect your home with the best gutter system on the market. Gutter Shutter® customers enjoy all of these amazing gutter benefits:
Gutter Shutter - Double Roofline Installation

No Water Damage

Gutter Shutter® systems include several important features to protect your roof, basement, foundation, siding, windows, and lawn from water damage. The seamless aluminum gutters are custom cut to the length required for your home, eliminating any joints where potential leaks can occur. Built to withstand heavy rainfall, the fully-enclosed gutter guards keep debris out of gutters while using the principle of surface tension to handle large amounts of water. The extra-large 6” gutter size and 3” x 4” downspouts allow up to 20% more water flow than traditional gutters. The larger gutter size also keeps water from penetrating behind your gutters, and performs well with both steep and shallow roofs.

No Clogs to Remove

Clogged gutters are not only a hassle to clean – they can also be dangerous. Each year, thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths are caused by ladder-related accidents. Luckily, Gutter Shutter® systems include some key features to prevent them from clogging, so you can avoid climbing a ladder to perform maintenance. Gutter Shutter® gutters are seamless, making them less likely to leak or clog. They also feature a rolled-hood gutter guard design that keeps unwanted leaves and debris from clogging your gutters while allowing water to flow into them. We’re so confident our gutters won’t clog that we offer a No-Clog Guarantee. If your gutters become clogged, we’ll clean them at no charge to you!

No Sagging or Pulling

If your gutter system is installed incorrectly or made with cheap materials, it’s much more likely to sag and pull away from your home, which could potentially damage your roof, fascia boards, and siding. Bent and sagging gutters can also detract from your home’s beauty. Gutter Shutter® systems are made from thick, premium-grade aluminum that will never sag, warp, or pull away from your home. Our GutterStud brackets provide full support around the back, front, and hood of the system. We’re so confident that our gutters will never pull away from your home that we offer a lifetime No-Pull Guarantee.

Premium-Grade Aluminum

When shopping for new gutters for your home, it’s important to find a gutter system that offers heavy-duty, long-lasting gutters that won’t dent or distort due to heavy rains or powerful UV rays. Fortunately, the Gutter Shutter® system is constructed from premium-grade, .032 gauge aluminum, making it the strongest gutter system on the market. In addition to being durable, our aluminum gutters won’t rust or corrode, making them a truly maintenance-free material. When you shop with Gutter Shutter®, you can be sure you’re getting a gutter system that’s strong, durable, maintenance-free, and reliable.

Won’t Damage Your Roof

If your gutter system requires you to attach your gutter guards directly to your roof by nailing them underneath your shingles, then you risk voiding your roof warranty, as well as causing potential water damage where your roof has been disturbed. Gutter Shutter® is proven to protect your roof, with certified GutterStud brackets that install directly into your fascia board, and a high-back gutter design that protects your shingles and won’t void your roof warranty.

Visually Appealing Design

Seamless gutters lack the unsightly seams that sectional gutters have, are built on site to better fit your roofline, and last longer than sectional gutters, making them less susceptible to dents and distortions. For these reasons, seamless gutters are generally considered to be more attractive than sectional gutters. In addition, Gutter Shutter® systems feature a beautiful design that mimics the look of crown molding, and they come in a range of attractive colors.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

We’re so confident in the work of our certified and insured gutter installation professionals that we offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. If we fail to install your Gutter Shutter® system in compliance with the material manufacturer’s instructions, applicable building codes, and industry standards, we’ll repair or replace the defective components free of charge.

20-Year Paint Warranty

Our aluminum gutters come with a ScratchGuard® paint finish that’s available in a wide range of colors to match your home’s roof and/or siding. The paint finish is a factory-applied, baked enamel that lasts for decades and won’t crack, chip, or fade over time. Because we’re so certain our paint finish will stand the test of time, we offer a 20-Year Paint Warranty.

Quick, Professional Installation

Our certified and insured installation professionals can complete most gutter installs in a single day.

Free, Onsite Estimates

Before you commit to a purchase, we’ll provide you with a free onsite estimate for gutter installation.

Financing Options Available

Can’t afford to purchase your gutter system outright? Ask us about our financing options.

Made in the USA

Every component of our Gutter Shutter® gutter system is proudly made in the United States.

Ready to Take Advantage of These Amazing Gutter Benefits?

Don’t wait to take advantage of all the benefits of gutters from Gutter Shutter®. Schedule your free, onsite estimate today!
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Maintenance-Free Gutter System

Gutter Shutter®’s maintenance-free gutter system was intentionally designed to address several problems associated with traditional gutter systems. It features seamless aluminum gutters that eliminate potential leaks, oversized gutters and downspouts that increase water flow, and rolled-hood gutter guards that keep debris from clogging your gutters. Constructed from premium-grade aluminum, it’s the strongest gutter system on the market!
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Professional Gutter Installation

Our professional gutter installation service includes a number of important features that set us apart from our competitors. Our gutter installation specialists are certified and insured, so you can rest assured your gutters will be installed correctly. Our installation service also includes free in-person estimates, onsite gutter fabrication, debris removal, and financing options. Our work is backed by a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.
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Exciting News Ahead for Grand Rapids Customers

Gutter Shutter of Grand Rapids will soon become Larson & Keeney Home Services of Grand Rapids. Rest assured, while our name may be changing, our commitment to exceptional service remains the same.

In addition to Michigan’s Strongest All-In-One Gutter System—Gutter Shutter, we’re proud to announce that we’re now offering roofing services as well.

Stay tuned for more updates.